The RVA Dog Blog was started by fiancés Jeremy and Marly, along with third-wheel, Aaron. Hailing from the three corners of Virginia, they all ended up in Richmond and immediately fell in love with the area and all of its offerings. However, as obsessive dog owners, Aaron, Jeremy, and Marly felt that something was missing: a catch-all resource for dog owners to find dog-friendly and dog-centric activities in the Richmond area. They came up with the RVA Dog Blog.

Our goals for the RVA Dog Blog revolve around three main ideas:

  • Provide an easily accessible database of dog-friendly establishments, events, and activities within the Richmond, VA area
  • Curate an extensive list of resources for dog-owners to find the services they need for themselves and their pups
  • Share with you our personal experiences and adventures with our canine friends as we explore Richmond and showcase all that it has to offer

We want to help you get the most out of Richmond as a dog owner and easily find the places that will allow you to bring your canine family member(s) with you. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please let us know! Also, we are always looking to expand our Dog-Friendly Directory, so if you see something missing, submit it to us! We appreciate your help in making our listings as comprehensive as possible! Thanks for visiting!