Maddie’s First Christmas Tree: A Trip to Strange’s Florist

Maddie’s First Christmas Tree: A Trip to Strange’s Florist

With Christmas right around the corner we felt like it was finally time to get in the holiday spirit and find a Christmas tree. After a quick search and Maddie’s determination to support small, local businesses we decided that Strange’s was the perfect place to shop. Strange’s is a massive florist and gardening specialist with several locations scattered around the 804. They are also incredibly dog friendly. Maddie was allowed on every inch of their fine establishment, not just the outdoor showrooms, and we took full advantage of the experience. She loved the foreign and exotic smells of the plants and flowers.


The staff was thrilled to see Maddie trotting around the store and they all came up and said hello. Strange’s had a great selection of Christmas trees of all sizes, types and prices. We settled on an 8 foot Douglas Fir and it was only about $25.

Once we got it home we set it up and decorated. We even dressed Maddie up with her festive holiday sweater. Strange’s provided us with a truly unique dog-friendly Richmond experience and we will certainly make this a holiday tradition.

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