Happy Howl-o-ween

Happy Howl-o-ween

Halloween is almost upon us! I love getting dressed up every year, but I am even more excited to find a costume for my pup, Maddie. The holiday spirit is not just for human beings and I highly encourage you all to include your canine friends in the spooktacular festivities!

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a dachshund hotdog betterdressed up as a hotdog? My favorite costume this year was a dog dressed up as a shark. The shark fin and teeth were anything but furious.

Many of the pet stores around RVA had limited options and even the XL options were a tight fit for little miss Maddie. I decided to create a homemade costume for Maddie. After searching online, I was inspired by a “petaled collar” costume on Martha Stewart’s website.

I am not the best at making crafts so I made some substitutions to the costume. Instead of sewing, I used fabric glue and I bought a giant green pipe cleaner instead of ribbon. The end product turned out so well! Maddie looks like a beautiful sunflower.


Meanwhile, Aaron tried a few different costumes for his new pup, Dora, but she really wanted to play tug-o-war with them all! Here is a rare glimpse of Dora with her feather hat and her new favorite pumpkin toy!



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